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Copper Peptide (GHK-Cu)

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copper peptide(GHK-Cu).gif

Structural Representation of Copper Peptide (GHK-Cu)

Chemical Properties

Product Name

Copper Peptide (GHK-Cu)

Chinese Name

三肽-1铜 | 三胜肽 | 铜肽 | 铜三肽







Molecular Weight 



50g, 300g,500g

Appearance: Blue to purple powder

Storage: 2 ~8 ℃


Copper-GHK is used for anti-aging,   anti-wrinkle, skin renewal, skin moisturizing, hair growth stimulation  products after sunshine.


Cosmetic raw materials


Advantage of Readline

- Purity(HPLC):98%; Content: 80%

- Acetic Acid:15%Moisture:  5%

- 20% below market price

- 100kg per month

Efficacy and Mechanism of Action

Copper tripeptide complex (sequence: Copper Gly-L-His-L-Lys) is one of the most adequately detected peptides. It acts in the extracellular matrix and is released in wounds or inflammation to support healing. It acts as a signal and carrier peptide, promotes the synthesis of conventional collagen, elastin, proteoglycan and glycosaminoglycan, and provides anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative reactions. In cosmetic applications, Cu-GHK is used for anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, skin renewal after sunshine, skin moisturizing, hair growth stimulating products.

Cu-GHK stimulates cell regulators and regenerates, and heals skin and other tissues. Stem cells treated with GHK regenerate and express more stem cell markers. GHK and Gly-Gly-His (GGH) can reduce TNF-alpha-induced cytokine IL-6, thus ensuring better wound healing. Pickart et al. Describing that GHK significantly increased the expression of DNA repair genes, 47 genes were stimulated and 5 genes were inhibited. GHK participates in different mechanisms, obviously promoting regeneration, healing and repair. It also has a good effect on the aging process.

Cu-GHK can stimulate hair growth. Copper tripeptide complex ensures follicular enlargement and helps to cover hair follicles with soft hair; its effect is comparable to that of minoxidil. Hair transplantation results showed that the application of copper tripeptide products improved significantly. Local application of Cu-GHK products can stimulate collagen synthesis on scalp, enhance existing hair and promote hair growth.

Experimental data and research reports

Several studies have been carried out to confirm the effectiveness of Cu-GHK in various fields. These include: increased keratinocyte proliferation, improved appearance, compactness, elasticity, skin thickness, wrinkles, pigmentation and light damage, skin collagen, proteins that enhance skin protective barriers and improve skin appearance.

The results showed that in vitro, copper-GHK increased and stimulated the synthesis of collagen, glycosaminoglycan and other extracellular matrix molecules. Several placebo-controlled clinical trials confirmed the observed effect. Local application of Cu-GHK cream showed stimulation of skin procollagen synthesis. In contrast, the synthesis induced by copper tripeptide was significantly better than that induced by vitamin C, retinoic acid or melatonin.

Similarly, a study of 20 women compared skin collagen production with cream containing Cu-GHK, vitamin C or retinoic acid on the thigh a month later. Immunohistological techniques were used to detect the production of new collagen in skin biopsy samples. One month later, copper-GHK increased collagen in 70% of the patients treated, 50% treated with vitamin C and 40% treated with retinoic acid. Leighton et al. confirmed the clinical benefits of Cu-GHK on aging and sunburn skin in two different studies (71 or 41 women for 12 weeks). Cu-GHK cream and eye cream can reduce the obvious signs of skin aging and increase skin density and thickness. The researchers observed the improvement of skin elasticity and moisture by stimulating collagen synthesis, significantly improving skin contrast and reducing wrinkles. In another study, 67 women were given copper-GHK cream twice a day for 12 weeks. Copper-GHK cream improves the appearance of light-damaged and aging skin. Histological analysis of biopsy confirmed that the use of locally applied Cu-GHK products could enhance skin thickness in the epidermis and dermis, and the proliferation of keratinocytes in the skin was greatly stimulated.

Clinical application cases

SK-II, Neutrogena, United Laboratories