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L-Carnosine Structural formula

Chemical Properties

Product  Name

L-Carnosine |β-Alanyl-L-histidine | H-β-Ala-His-OH

Chinese Name








Molecular  Weight



1kg, 25kg

Appearance: White  powder

Storage: 2 ~8 ℃


Inhibiting the Biochemical Changes Caused by Aging


Cosmetic raw materials

Advantage of Readline

- Purity(HPLC):98%

- Content: 99%

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- 1000kg per month

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Efficacy and Mechanism of Action

   Carnosine is a dipeptide (sequence: beta-Ala-His) and a well-documented water-borne antioxidant with wound healing activity, and naturally occurs in high concentrations in muscle and brain tissue. Carnosine is an unsaturated aldehyde that scavenges reactive oxygen species and peroxidizes fatty acids in cell membranes during oxidative stress. Low molecular weight water-soluble unmodified dipeptide-Ala-His has very little affinity for skin and does not penetrate beyond the first layer of cuticle. However, the lipophilic peptide palmitoyl-Ala-His diffused into the cuticle, epidermis and dermis, and no systemic activity was observed.

Experimental data and research reports

In two four-week, double-blind, randomized controlled, split-face studies, changes in periorbital wrinkles were observed in women (aged 30-70 years) (1,42 volunteers; 2,35 volunteers). The tested products contain nicotinamide, pal-KT and pal-KTTKS, as well as carnosine, which improves the periorbital skin, enhances smoothness and reduces the depth of wrinkles. Double-blind radiation study compared the DNA repair, antioxidant and growth factor components in available products of the complex composed of different active ingredients (SPF 50, photolyase, endonuclease, 8-oxoguanine glycosidase, carnosine, atrazine and ergothionine). It was found that the formula effectively reduced pyrimidine dimer, protein carbonylation and 8-oxo-7 in skin biopsy. 8-dihydro-20-deoxyguanosine. It also appears to enhance the genomic and proteomic integrity of skin cells after sustained ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, this formulation can be considered to potentially reduce the risk of skin aging and non-melanoma skin cancer caused by ultraviolet radiation.

In a six-month study, 20 healthy volunteers (photo type II or III) were treated with carnosine and N-acetylaminosulfonic acid. Compared with the control group, the erythema of 3.6% and 7.3% of carnosine and N-acetylsemicarbazide in aqueous solution was reduced. Both peptides have antioxidant activity, which is more important than the carrier for improving the skin permeability of substances. N-acetylsemicarbazide is an interesting hydrophilic antioxidant for dermatological purposes.

Clinical application cases

OLAY, Chanel, Estee Lauder, United Laboratories