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Foreign trade supervisor (3 employees)

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Job responsibilities:

College degree or above, with experience over 3 years / 2 persons / full-time, major in English / international trade / biology / chemistry.

Job requirements:

1. Good English and Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, able to communicate with customers smoothly and 


2. Have certain international market development skills and ability to track existing customers and orders.

3. More than one year working experience in pharmaceutical industry is preferred.

4. Have good teamwork spirit and work attitude, obey the work arrangement of the company, have a steadfast and hard-working 

     spirit and strong sense of responsibility.

Benefits: five social insurance and one housing fund, year-end bonus, paid annual leave, employee travel.

Contact Person: Jessie Huang0755-2665 9310-801, jessiehuang@szreadline.com

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