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R&d assistant/laboratory technician (2 employees)

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Job responsibilities:

1. Complete the experiment tasks arranged by the superior leaders, complete the experiment and data processing and reporting 

     according to the experimental plan.

2. Responsible for maintenance of laboratory equipment.

3. Responsible for daily management of laboratory reagents and medicines.

Job requirements:

1. Major in biology, chemistry and analysis, college degree or above, more than one year working experience in laboratory.

2. Excellent experimental operation skills;

3. Good biological theory foundation;

4. Positive attitude and hard working;

5. Careful and rigorous in work, strong sense of responsibility and good communication skills.

6. Can adapt to a certain amount of overtime work according to the experiment schedule.

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Add:2-101Bio-incubator, Gaoxin C.1st Ave., Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park, ShenZhen