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Purification r&d engineer (chemistry) recruiting (2 employees)

时间:2018-04-02 13:13:12 阅读数:0

Job responsibilities:

1. Carry out enzymatic or chemical synthesis of API research and development according to the project needs.

2. Responsible for the research and development of the reaction fluid in the later stage, including miscellaneous, purification and crystallization.

3. Independently conduct relevant experiments and complet other tasks arranged by the company.

4. Assist to complete the pilot amplification of related products.

Job requirements:

1. Organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, biopharmaceutics, biological engineering and other related majors. The undergraduate needs more than three years of relevant experience, and the excellent outstanding graduate can also be considered.

2. Proficient in the purification, concentration and crystallization of ion-exchange resin, with the experience of raw drug purification and development is preferred.

3. Serious work style, strong teamwork spirit, good communication skills and excellent analytical and research ability.

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Add:2-101, Bio-incubator, Gaoxin C.1st Ave., Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park, ShenZhen