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Biological r&d engineer (2 employees)

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Job responsibilities:

1. Enzyme gene cloning, enzyme protein expression and purification.

2. High density fermentation and efficient expression of enzyme protein.

3. Purification, immobilization and enzymatic synthesis of enzymes were optimized.

4. Independently conducted relevant experiments and complete other tasks arranged by the company.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in molecular biology, biotechnology, biological engineering, microbiology, etc.At least 3 years of relevant experience, excellent outstanding graduate is also considered.

2. Proficient in enzyme gene cloning, protein expression, microbial fermentation, protein purification, independently designed and carried out molecular biology related experiments, with enzyme catalytic experience preferred.

3. Strong logical thinking ability, serious and rigorous, strong sense of teamwork, good communication skills and excellent skills of analysis and problem-solving.

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