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Productive Peptide Synthesizers

时间:2018-03-30 18:24:52 阅读数:0

l  High purity Teflon reaction vessels, large capacity, light weight;

l  Non-stick resin, high synthesized efficiency;

l  Comply with cGMP peptide production, manual/automatic operation mode;

l  Apply to t-boc, Fmoc synthesis strategy;

l  Explosion-proof design,with decelerator, with advantage of large torque;

l  On-line flow meter, the function of adding liquid is accurate and reliable;

l  With changeable filer that meets the cGMP requirement;

l  Split design makes sure that solvent system, reaction system and control system are independent of each other.

l  The volume of vessels is 50-200 liter that users can customize specification.