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Scientist Zhao Hong, who is an authoritative experts, assume a post in Readline

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In recent years, the synthetic biology has become the most attractive industry in the field of the global economy with an annual growth rate of over 40%. As a rising star in the field of synthetic biology, Readline attracts a large number of authoritative experts around the world to join. At present, there are 28 members of the company's expert technical committee. The most typical one is Dr. Zhao Hong, an experienced scientist who has just returned to China to join Readline and is affectionately called senior sister by everyone.

Scientist Zhao Hong



As a PhD in biochemistry from the University of New Mexico, a postdoctoral fellow at Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Zhao Hong has served as a Staff Scientist at the Washington University in St. Louis and Senior Production Scientist, Principal Scientist at MilliporeSigma-Merck KGaA. Dr. Zhao Hong is mainly responsible for design, development and manufacturing life science products, which includes enzymes manufacturing, bio-synthetic small molecules, and many other biological products. She has studied and worked in the United States for nearly 15 years and has been committed to enzymology research, including recombinant expression and purification, extraction from natural raw materials, biochemical characterization of enzymes, as well as development of manufacturing process for various enzyme reagents and enzymatic catalyzed process for small molecules.


Career in China

Dr. Zhao Hong, who loves enzymology and is active in enzymology research, has been paying attention to the development of enzymology at home and abroad. She learned that the field of synthetic biology, which is multidisciplinary applied by molecular biology, enzymology, cell biology, computer simulation, and engineering, is developing rapidly in China, while direct evolution has been used as a powerful tool in the synthetic biology. Meanwhile, the companies engaged in synthetic biotechnology research and development have ushered in a climax of development, and many new companies emerge as the times require.


Both the chief scientist of Readline, Professor Huang Hua and Dr. Zhao Hong, are PhD of biochemistry from the University of Mexico in the United States, and pupils of the same professor. A tacit understanding has been formed during their stay in the same lab in the United states. Through Professor Huang Hua, Dr. Zhao Hong learned that Readline is an innovative high-tech enterprise with multidisciplinary applications and synthetic biotechnology as its core. She understands that Readline is the world's first enterprise to apply enzyme catalysis technology to large-scale production of peptides, sugars and nucleic acids and other characteristic functional raw materials, The idea of returning to China has come up since then. Therefore, to challenge herself, Dr. Zhao Hong chose to return to her motherland and join the Readline family.




After Entry

Since joining the company, Dr. Zhao Hong has been busy with various tasks and projects. In her view, The current job is to discover and engineer specific enzymes to support the industrial production of target products, which is difficult and challenging, and it raised my interest. Not only that, while completing R&D tasks, she also challenges to manage a project team, which requires her to constantly improve her other capabilities.




Coming to Readline, from my perspective, is a process of adaptation, learning and change. I need to adapt to the current environment of Readline, while keep improving myself for the development of the company. Different from the project management system in the United States, more works and  projects in Readline are carried out at the same time and there are overlaps between different projects,too. This allows Dr. Zhao Hong to consolidate both her original project management experience and scientific knowledge to make sure that the process can be done in a standardized consistent manufacturing process. At the same time, she helps young R&D colleagues through solving their puzzles and her knowledge can be expended through searching and learning information in the field of outside her expertise. In addition, since most of the company's employees are young people who are full of energy and passion for their work, this energetic and positive working atmosphere enables Dr. Zhao Hong to quickly integrate into it.


Future Development

The synthetic biology industry has a bright future as it has various concepts, and relevant policies that the government has issued to support the development of this industry. As an emerging company in the synthetic biology industry, Readline implements partnership system and all-employee shareholding. Meanwhile, it practices the core values of help customers reach their achievements, grow together, embrace changes and constantly striving, motivates all employees striving and eventually, makes the company's future has unlimited possibilities and strong market competitiveness.


Dr. Zhao Hong believes: As long as people of my age have a stable job and still have aspirations, they will choose to challenge themselves, searching for meaningful work and force themselves to keep growing. At Readline, Im helping the company and the company helps me grow as well. Its exciting to work for such a booming company like Readline and see how rapid the company has grown with the efforts of everyone and how much you have changed. I am willing to work together with a group of people that we share the common dream, like Mr. Liu and Professor Huang Hua, to forge ahead on the road of entrepreneurship.