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Readline Biology recently completed Angel round financing

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Recently, Shenzhen Readline Biotechnology Co., Ltd. announced the completion of millions of dollars in Angel round financing, led by Shenzhen DPS investment, and Shenzhen Ruiheng Venture and Investment followed.

Co-founder Liu Jian said: "Readline Biology is the world's first enterprise dedicated to the large-scale application of immobilized enzyme catalysis technology in small molecular polypeptide, polysaccharide and other fields. The products developed are widely used in pharmaceutical (innovative drugs and generic drugs), special medical food, medical beauty and other industries. When the investment environment is relatively cold, the company can get the favor of the horizon and other institutions, which proves that the company team and projects have great potential for development.

Huang Xiangpu, chairman of DPS Investment, said: "It's my pleasure to have strategic cooperation with Readline Biology and strive to provide support for the further development of Readline. I thank Readline for its investment opportunities. I hope that Readline will implement industrialization financing as soon as possible, and the DPS will actively cooperate and participate."


- About Readline Biology

Shenzhen Readline Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, which is composed of five executives of listed companies or top 500 companies in the world (two of them are local leaders in Shenzhen). The company's R&D is led by four university professors, a total of more than 10 interdisciplinary teams. The company innovatively applied life sciences, Chemical Sciences and materials sciences to make full use of the advantages of their respective disciplines, greatly improved production efficiency and economic benefits. The three wastes were discharged less than 10% of the traditional chemical technology and fermentation technology, and realized full green commercial production of small molecular polypeptides. For more information, visit the company website www.szreadline.com.


- About DPS Investment

Shenzhen DPS Investment Co., Ltd. was founded by venture capital professionals, securities investors, senior executives of listed companies and senior executives of large enterprises. Focus on high-end equipment manufacturing, biomedical, semiconductor IC, 5G, new materials and other new economic projects investment under economic transformation. Many projects that have been successfully invested. For more information, visit the company website www.deepshire.com.


Signing photos


Chairman of Readline, Liu Jian and Chairman of DPS, Huang Xiangpu


On-site group photo