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2018 Readline Team Building in Huizhou

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2018 Readline Team Building in Huizhou

On 10th November, Shenzhen Bio-incubator provide team building activities in Dayawan of Huizhou to reinforce a positive company culture. Over 140 employees participated in the program. All of Readline's staff also attended. Ways to build and strengthen a team is the primary focus of the activities.  Employees from all departments in the organization were brought together to collaborate ways to achieve common goals.

团建拓展 聚力前行1.jpg

During the expansion period, we have participated in the “pearl line”, brilliant writing “and other projects. The activity scene is both passionate and harmonious. Two heads are better than one. The employees cooperate with each other to solve the difficult in the game. Some people are in charge of practice, some people are responsible for arranging implementation steps, some people are responsible for reminding matters. All the activity was well organized and fun.

This team building enhances mutual understanding among everyone, enable us to tolerate and trust each other, and enable team members to respect each other, so as to narrow the relationship between us and form a closer whole for individuals.

One day's expansion activity ended with the innovative project "Nascar giant painting" by the team. This team building will make Readline team more united and better serve our customers. We will work together and help each other to draw a blueprint belong to Readline.

Author of the press release: Eva Chen