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The 4th national polypeptide drug meeting was hold on November 5th in Bo'ao

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"The 4th national polypeptide drug r&d and large-scale production frontier technology academic exchange meeting" was held in the beautiful coastal city of Bo'ao as scheduled from November 5-7, 2018. As one of the most important and influential polypeptide conferences in China, this academic exchange conference is jointly sponsored by researchers, businessmen and relevant experts in the field of polypeptide drugs, and sponsored by hainan pharmaceutical society.This exchange meeting is a high-level exchange meeting in the field of polypeptide drugs in China, which aims to increase the opportunities for cooperation and deepen friendship.The conference invited a group of experts in the fields related to the large-scale production of domestic polypeptide drug research and development, including national outstanding youth fund winners, young outstanding talents, overseas returnees, polypeptide industry entrepreneurs, etc., to conduct in-depth exchanges on the theme of the conference and the development trend of polypeptide drug research and development and large-scale production in recent years.Mr. Liu Jian, President of our company, was invited to attend the meeting and delivered a speech on the topic of research on peptide impurities and quality control of key raw materials.