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The creation of the fair will be held(June 22~24). Readline looks ahead with you

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The 2018 China innovation and entrepreneurship achievements fair, with the theme of "double innovation driving force and leading the new leap", will be held in guangzhou on June 22-24.

It is understood that the SEC display exhibition area exceeds 2.1 square meters, a total plan more than 20 theme exhibition, show more than 1000 innovation projects, and at the same time to carry out more than 30 games special activities (including theme BBS, roadshow contest, the national-level project, etc.), is expected to gather over 200 domestic and overseas IAB (a new generation of technology, artificial intelligence, biological medicine), NEM (new energy, new materials), civil-military integration, VR/AR in areas such as guests, more than 20 academicians and more than 100 guests the vc.China innovation business fair is guangzhou outstanding innovation drive, promoting the public entrepreneurial innovation, actively implement the national development strategy, strive to achieve one of the leading enterprises in the national "four" important practice.In 2017, the fair was officially settled in guangzhou with the approval of the state.Breakthrough that year, the SEC of the organizing committee office formally put forward the "1 + 1 + N" mode (that is, the achievements of a large-scale exhibition, a network platform and N achievement transformation base), build and operate "online" intersection "achievement transformation platform, the current results of the project already includes all previous gen SEC solicitation for more than 8000, established the guangzhou south China new material innovation park, guangzhou university city health industry science and technology park and eight achievements transformation base.According to statistics, over the past three years, the fair has exhibited more than 4,400 projects, converted over 140 projects, and traded about 6.9 billion yuan.

According to understand, 2018 SEC change by region and specialty in the past to a divided area, set up features galleries and comprehensive exhibition this year, through detailed field to display results, improve exhibits professional concentration, and then highlight area.Set in the exhibition, in addition to close to the global industry hotspot AIworld specialized exhibition of artificial intelligence, intelligent health and biological medicine specialized exhibition, etc., a new set of civil-military integration exhibition galleries and a large bay area of guangdong is also relevant to the current our country the development of the strategic layout.

The SEC is be born into poverty alleviation project achievements, with the increase of IDG, sequoia capital, nokia growth fund, saif fund canopy, qualcomm, softbank China's capital, capital, rich Yu investment, sea friends, and the angel capital fund, many domestic and international famous investment institutions such as representatives will attend this intersection, with excellent project close to negotiate.Zhu dongfang, vice President of IDG group in China, said he hopes the move will not only provide investment opportunities for outstanding projects, but also help investors explore more outstanding projects in the market.

It is worth mentioning that this year's fair is full of great names.The Chinese academy of engineering academician zhong nanshan, academician of Chinese academy of engineering people conceive liu member representatives, IDG capital chief Hugo shong, xiao peng, chairman of global auto chairman xiao-peng he companies such as representative, the Norwegian embassy in China and the eu sme centre, embassy and representatives of overseas institutions, and major general xu guangyu, Yuan Wenxian major general "brain" strongest will participate in the SEC.

18, a member of the team will bring the 22 major scientific and technological achievements of the pilot or small kind material object, model, from the perspective of the key technology breakthrough industry, from the insight into the perspective of customer needs, resolve customer pain points, will be fully combined with technology innovation, business and market demand, make scientific research achievements into real social and economic benefits of the new kinetic energy.

In addition, the academicians, together with more than 200 other speakers and more than 100 guests from the venture capital field, will participate in more than 30 special events of the fair.These special events will closely follow the trend of global economic and industrial development and hold in-depth discussions on current industrial changes and technological breakthroughs.Such as, the main BBS "future technology summit" will focus on a new generation of information technology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, new materials, new energy in areas such as the latest development trend, discusses promoting production, governance with multiple fusion;BBS of guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao bay area science and technology finance will focus on the development of bay area science and technology finance, as well as the opportunities and problems in the development process.