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    Jian LiuCo-founder & Chairman Senior Engineer; “Leading talent”In Shenzhen

    1998-2002: Bachelor of Chemistry, and MBA (2013) from Lanzhou University;

    2016-2017: Advanced Applied Psychology training in Tsinghua University;

    2002-2017: Working in a listed company

                        as Senior Researcher, Supervisor in R & D, Vice President; During 

                        this period, obtain National rewards, State Technological 

                        Innovation award and several local rewards.

    2017--:        Founder of Readline, Undertaking the pioneering work and 

                        investment in Healthcare market.


    Hua HuangDirector & Chief Scientist of Readline Biology, Researcher (professor), "Top talent" of South China Normal UniversityIn 2002, graduated from Lanzhou University majoring in chemistry. In 2011, graduated from the department of enzymology, the University of New Mexico with a doctor's degree. From 2002 to 2005, worked as a pharmaceutical synthetic researcher in Basilea Pharmaceutica (China) Ltd. Since 2011, successively in the University of New Mexico, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, South China Normal University to carry outthe enlarge of enzyme catalysis, protein engineering and synthetic biology, genome enzymology andscientific research work in the field of microbiology and so on. During the study and scientific research work, 6 articles have been published and won the title of "top talent" of South China Normal University. In 2017, as the founder of Readline Biology, focus on the application of immobilized enzyme technology.